Software localization

If you have created an application or software solution that you plan to market for prospective customers in other countries, then you should really consider software localization.

While it’s true that we are living in a century when English is spoken by more people than ever before, that does not stop your customers from demanding a product that can be used seamlessly in their native language. If your app or software solution is truly unique then it may not be necessary to have your software localized into other languages, but numerous market surveys have shown that software localization can bring in new revenues and help your business grow faster.
Software localizationSoftware localization

What is software localization?

Software localization is the process of adapting software to the culture as well as the language of the end user’s local region, from standards of measurement to video and graphic design.

Getting your software localization project done at PortLingo will make your content read, sound, function and feel as if it was originally created in the target language.

How can we help you?How can we help you?

How can we help you?

Start by contacting us to discuss your software localization project and its specific challenges and needs. There are a lot of useful tips & tricks that our experienced managers are willing to share about the software localization planning, data encoding techniques, localization testing and software release you might not be aware of. And even if you have it all covered, why not ask for a price estimate and help plan your localization budget accordingly?