Professional Portuguese translations

Investing in the Portuguese language translation is always a worthwhile decision – and not only because it is a beautiful language that is generally associated with the sun, beaches, the wind and freedom, which most of us dream of. When it comes to business decisions, the numbers speak for themselves – the Portuguese language is among the top 10 most spoken languages in the world, giving you direct access to more than 250 million Portuguese native speakers around the globe. If that’s not worth your investment, we don’t know what is!

One thing to remember is that the Portuguese language is not the same in all parts of the world – there are significant differences between the Portuguese language used in Europe and Latin America. While for the most part all Portuguese speakers are able to understand each other, observing these variations in vocabulary and grammar is crucial, especially in the written form of the Portuguese language. So whenever you are ready to explore the benefits of translating your content into the Portuguese language, the first thing for you to consider is the Portuguese language variation. 

European Portuguese (spoken in many countries in Europe, including Portugal). Here at PortLingo, we work with hundreds of tested and approved linguists residing in different areas of Portugal, who will localize your content and ensure it makes complete sense to your target audience. Moreover, our Portuguese speaking project managers will always double-check the quality of your translation before it goes live.

Brazilian Portuguese (spoken by over 210 million people in Latin America). We know how to win friends, influence people and get the business going in Latin America’s largest country. If you believe that your product or service has an export potential to Brazil, we will make sure that your content is localized by our talented team of linguists, who will polish your message to perfection. We’ve got some great linguists coming from various industry verticals available, so all we need is one opportunity to show that PortLingo is the right fit for your organization.

You can never go wrong in ordering Portuguese translations from a local Portuguese translation company!

Contact PortLingo if an outstanding client service, attention to detail and having fun along the way is also among your decision-making factors!