Translation Technologies

These days, the translation business is less about languages and more about IT and the use of translation technologies. The good old days of using MS Office applications as the standard tool for processing translations are long gone, with customers expecting to receive their translations back quicker than ever before. This is where translation and business management systems come into play – if used correctly, they can help to improve productivity and ensure remarkable cost savings.

Here at PortLingo, we like challenging projects. In fact, we are proud of
having been able to “save our client’s day” on numerous occasions in the past. All things considered however, PortLingo prefers working with proven industry tools and technologies that helps us to achieve much-needed productivity without sacrificing on either translation quality or quality assurance procedures.

PortLingo’s main technology partners

Probably the most innovative translation management system currently available on the market, with built-in QA checks, various integrations with other business management systems and external translation memory databases.

SDL Trados Studio is the industry veteran and by far the most
popular CAT software, used by both linguists and translation project managers around the globe. Some say that it is also the simplest tool to learn from scratch, but we love it for its process automation feature and a huge number of linguists who are familiar with this software and ready to start working on your new translation project immediately.

Memsource is a very simple and intuitive cloud-based CAT software that’s easy to use for both linguists and translation project managers. The best thing about the tool is that it’s free of charge for freelance translators, so the resource capacity for Memsource jobs is usually not an issue.


XTM Cloud is another reasonably priced online CAT tool and translation management system, which supports almost all file formats and is compatible with other industry tools. Quite a few of our major clients are using XTM already, so our experience with this solution is growing all the time.


Smartling is our favourite tool for website and app localization. We consider it the best localization tool available on the market for multilingual and apps with a vast amount of constantly changing content. It’s definitely a go-to solution for bigger brands and innovative companies, but might not be an option for some smaller companies due to Smartling’s reoccurring maintenance costs.

Last but not least, PortLingo’s operations are powered by a state-of-the-art business management system.


PortLingo is a proud user of the XTRF project management system, which not only provides a high level of security but also helps to automate many parts of the project management process, thus eliminating unnecessary overheads and ensuring faster project turnaround times.

 Are you ready to give us a shot?  Are you ready to give us a shot?

Are you ready to give us a shot?

No matter what your technology preferences, get in touch with us now to discuss your translation needs and expectations, and our team will ensure we have you covered.