Professional French translations

Is your business looking for French translation services? And which French do you mean? Is your target customer in France or Canada? Don’t make the mistake of thinking the two countries speak the same French language! There are many substantial differences in grammar, vocabulary, slang words and idiomatic expressions between the French languages used in Europe and Canada. 

Understanding whether you need to translate your documents into Canadian French or European French is elementary if you know where your ideal customer is. Most of our translation enquiries for Canadian French are for the Quebec region, which has the largest French-speaking population in Canada, while everything that is intended for customers in Europe ought to be localized into Metropolitan French. 

 Will Canadians be able to understand your message written in Paris French? It most certainly will get you by, but demonstrating an understanding of the local dialect and language variations will build more trust and foster faster business growth.

If you are unsure about the language variation you should choose, please get in touch with one of our PortLingo consultants, who will navigate you through the process and help you to achieve your goals by suggesting the best French translation or localization strategy.