English translations

Professional translations from and into British English, American English and Australian English

As surprising as it may sound from a company based in Portugal, English is the most common source language in PortLingo’s daily routines. This is partly due to our international client base, which ranges across multiple continents, but mainly because what makes the English language so popular is its global reach, characterized by the sheer volume of its native and second-language speakers, and its use in international organisations and diplomatic relations. English is also widely recognised as a universal language that enables people from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities to communicate on a more or less equitable basis. 

PortLingo currently offers professional translation and localization services from English into over 40 different target languages. The price and overall turnaround time of the English translation largely depend on the quality of the English content. Internally at PortLingo, we use three main categories:

Regular English. It means that the English source text that is grammatically correct, coherent and understandable. This is our favourite category, as there is (almost) nothing that can go wrong – as long as we can understand it, we will be able to translate it with ease.

Special English. Have you ever had a situation where you see a text in your native language and you know all the words, but still have no clue what it actually means? This is not an unusual situation in the translation business, because sometimes the texts can get extremely complicated. Every day, we work with many different subject domains ranging from financial, legal and medical content to marketing and website localization projects, and our main task is to assign the best talent whose expertise matches your project specification. This is why PortLingo’s vendor database contains thousands of freelance translators with wildly different employment experiences and backgrounds.

Non-native English. In most cases, this would be a content created by a non-native English speaker with an average command of the English language. While there can be certain errors left out in the English master copy, PortLingo translation professionals will make sure that they are eliminated in our translation. Moreover, should we notice that the English master copy needs to be improved, we will offer you a very special price.

For most of the linguists, conducting translations from English into their mother tongue is relatively easy. However, things can get tricky when English becomes the target language. PortLingo currently ensures translations into British English, American English and Australian English. The main differences between these different types of English are in vocabulary (especially slang), spelling, grammar, punctuation and dates/times. While these differences might often go unnoticed for English non-native speakers, they will be recognised immediately by native speakers.

So, whenever you are planning to launch a new product or service in the United Kingdom, Australia or the United States, make sure that you order translation into the correct version of English. If you are unsure which one you should choose, please get in touch with us, and together we will find the solution that is best for your business.