Professional Italian translations

Italian is the official language of Italy and is spoken by over 60 million people in Switzerland, Malta, Eritrea, Vatican City and San Marino. But did you know that there are two language variations – Italian used in Italy and Swiss Italian, which is spoken by over 350,000 people in the wealthy areas of Ticino and southern Graubünden in Switzerland? Despite being very similar to standard Italian, Swiss Italian presents some differences to the Italian used in Italy due to the presence of French and German, from which it assimilates words. So, the algorithm is quite simple – if you are targeting clients in Italy, you should order translations into the standard Italian language, but, should you be looking to expand into the Italian speaking part of Switzerland, your content needs to be localized into Swiss Italian!

PortLingo can help you with both standard Italian and Swiss Italian translation projects. Our in-country Italian and Swiss Italian translation professionals are ready to take on any project in various industry verticals, including technical, finance, legal, healthcare, websites and others. We also understand that in certain situations, documents may require immediate attention and an expedited turnaround, so PortLingo uses a combination of the latest industry technologies and most experienced translators to meet some of the most demanding delivery deadlines.

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality but cost-effective services, whether your project is small or large, simple or highly complex. Call us or send in your project files and expectations, and we will complete your Italian or Swiss Italian translation to your full satisfaction.