Localization testing

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Localization testing is a service that can be defined as testing your application or software for its conformance to the language and regional specifications of the target market. It is also the final quality assurance step of the software or app localization process.
We understand that it might be tempting to skip on localization testing and launch your product straight away, but the consequences of doing so might get you different results than you expected.

There are three critical objectives to be achieved from localization testing:

  1. ensuring that the translation/localization work is accurate and fits its purpose;
  2. ensuring that the UI and software functionality works flawlessly, irrespective of the translation; and finally,
  3. that all regional settings (date & time formats, currencies, keyboard shortcuts etc.) are used correctly.

If you entrust your software localization project to PortLingo, we will make sure that you get a pass on all these criteria, and that your product is ready for deployment in the target market of your choice.

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