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for international audiences

These days, you’d have a hard time finding a reputable business or organization with a website written in just one language.

And no wonder, as even in wealthy countries like Germany, France, the UK and the US, the multi language website cult is taking over! While there are no universal metrics for measuring the ROI of website localization, we do know that we’ve never met a customer who regretted their investment in website localization.

Regardless of whether you’re on the lookout for a new supplier or you need new customers to boost your export potential, localizing your website into the language of the export country you are targeting should be among your top priorities.

Starting kit for a successful website localization

The website localization process is not as easy as it may look. If you want to play it safe, we would recommend you contact us to discuss your website localization project individually. Our consultation, advice and non-binding price estimates for your website localization project are always free of charge.

Here’s our website localization checklist

We realize that there are a lot of things to consider during the planning stages of your website localization project. But we also see that in certain localization projects, the potential return on investment would have been much higher if only the customer gave us the answers to the four basic localization questions:

There are basically two options – the traditional approach, where the translation is done either directly into your website’s content management system (CMS) or where the content is extracted for translation and the translated version is implemented back into the site once the process is completed.

Alternatively, you can opt to use translation proxy, which is a cloud-based solution that integrates seamlessly with any CMS.

What’s important on your site?
Do you need to localize everything?

Some websites have a lot of content, and it’s perfectly okay to share as detailed information about your products and services as possible. However, the localization process implies a certain amount of costs since the price estimate of your localization project will largely depend on the number of words you have in the source text.

It might be useful to decide if you need to localize absolutely everything or just the most important parts of the site.

The obvious answer to this question would be yes, but do you have those files available in their original layout?

Without the original layout, the information in pictures and graphics cannot be edited and needs to be replicated from scratch, which is something our DTP team can also help you with.

We will make a proper assessment
Do you need localization testing?

Before launching a localization project, PortLingo can assess your website to see if it supports multilingual content, bi-directional scripts, different currencies and other components of the user interface.

After the content is translated and imported into the CMS, we check for functionality and perform an in-context review to make sure everything looks good, works properly and is culturally appropriate before the site goes live for your global customers.

PortLingo has gained the necessary experience by localizing a wide range of websites for customers from different industry verticals, so choosing PortLingo’s website localization service will greatly improve the chances of being understood by your prospective customers in any part of the world. So, look no further and contact us now!