Multimedia localization

Multimedia is rapidly taking over the localization industry, as more and more people switch from reading content to watching a video. Think about the last time you needed to find some information online and you typed in the magic words “how to…?” on your preferred search engine. If there was a video tutorial available, did you even consider bothering to read the written content before simply clicking on that tutorial video? Today’s technology enhancements have made us lazy and video content is becoming the norm, so if you haven’t thought about your multimedia marketing strategy yet – that time is now!

Multimedia includes all types of materials, such as YouTube videos, training videos, corporate videos, online presentations, marketing, sales, product and training documents, online streaming presentations and more.

PortLingo can help you with the following aspects of multimedia localization:

  • Multimedia translations
  • Video transcriptions, with or without the creation of timecodes
  • Voice recordings, including voice-over narration produced by professional actors or voice-over talents who are native speakers in the target language
  • Subtitling
  • Testing and quality assurance
  • Multimedia localization strategy development
  • Multimedia localization consultations

No matter if you have a proven multimedia localization strategy in place or you are just getting started, there are quite a few things that could go wrong if you don’t have the right partnerships.

Deciding if PortLingo’s offer fits your expectations will always be a personal choice, but it’s worth getting in touch with us for your free, non-binding multimedia localization consultation to find out for yourself!