PortLingo’s response to the COVID-19 challenges

“The World is Mine” by David Guetta was once a popular tune in local Portuguese bars and restaurants until the COVID-19 virus literally took the world over. Portugal and our neighbouring countries were among those that were impacted the most. While the pandemic precaution measures are no longer as strict as they were, many restrictions continue to be in place and it doesn’t seem likely that our lives will return to normal any time soon.

Fortunately, PortLingo was able to remain intact during the times of the global crisis. While the demand for services has dropped significantly in the domestic market, our clients from foreign countries are keeping us very busy. The diverse client portfolio is undoubtedly the main reason why we are currently looking forward to adding new team members and expanding our international operations.

The safety of our employees and clients remain our main priority. This is why we have taken the following precaution measures that are already in effect:

  • All our team members continue to work remotely from home, which means that our office in Braga will remain closed for in-person visits until further notice. If you would like to speak with any of our team members, please get in touch with us to schedule a time for your private ZOOM session. 
  • All business trips and client visits are also cancelled. Our team members will get in touch personally with all clients to reschedule their business appointments once it’s safe to travel again.
  • We continue to promote social distancing and other safety procedures for our employees at all times.

By taking these measures, PortLingo will remain available to handle all your linguistic needs and to answer any questions you may have. We are committed to transparency in our communications and we promise to keep you informed and up to date on all new developments in our provision of services.

Apart from the above, we remain fully operational 24/7/365 to serve all our existing and new clients. Text us your requirements or give us a call to discuss your next translation or localization project, and our experienced project managers will take it from there.

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